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Here is a collection of photos from around Kosovo. Please wait a few moments for the pictures to load...I tried to make them as clear as I could :)

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Labour Day
I was trying to figure out what the heck was going on when I got home from work on 30-April.  As it turns out, it's a tradition to burn tires for Labour Day in Kosovo.  The result is a thick cloud of black smoke that clouds out the daylight.  A shot from my terrace - May 07

Labour Day
A bit closer to the garbage dump where there were two fires.  The air started clearing after about 20 minutes - May 07

Labour Day
Even Obilic was celebrating by pumping out black noxious smoke! Some of us wondered if maybe instead of coal they decided to burn tires?! - May 07

Thank You USA
Posters popped up all over Kosovo before the Security Council mission arrived in Kosovo. Coincidence or just good timing? - April 07

I spotted this from the road as we were driving past. It looks like a pretty big "oops"!  Not sure if the tractor belonged to the older Albanian guy looking on but I don't think the owner will easily get the tractor out anytime soon! - April 2007

A pile of cars - April 2007
Did you know that Kosovo's biggest export is scrap metal? It is not unusual to see yards and piles of busted up vehicles.

Ouch! The driver evidentially was not paying much attention when he plowed into this two horse cart team.  I don't feel real sorry for the guy whose Mercedes isn't looking too hot, but the poor horses! - March 2007

Sometimes you can forget you are sharing space with 16,000 armed soldiers from KFOR.  But you are quickly reminded when driving around Kosovo when they park their armored carriers along side the road! - March 2007

There is a joke that goes...
"Did you know there are only two garbage dumps in Kosovo?"
"No really? Where are they?"
"Yes, the left and right side of the road!"
Seeing garbage dumped everywhere is a common sight in Kosovo.  One of the problems we've noticed at this particular garbage site is that people go through the garbage and just toss what they don't want or whatever is in the way on the ground and then don't put it back in the dumpster.  Unfortunately, it still often looks like this after the garbage collection during the week.  And can you imagine that the dump is just four blocks away?  - March 2007

Wow! Thanks to TW who sent me this photo of the Ahtisaari mannequin that was displayed outside Mission HQ the last week of March. The fellows that are "behind" Ahtisaari are supposed to be the Kosovo negotiation team. Naturally, the display is courtesy of Vetevendosje. - March 2007

Ramush Haradinaj is in the Hague answering charges of war crimes.  An activist group posted billboards around Pristina saying "Me Ramushin" which can be roughly translated to "We are with Ramush" - March 07

The email I sent read "Our offices have moved and we would like to update the sign outside of Admin HQ to read CITS - OMS Projects under the basement heading."
This is what I saw the next day :o)
I talked to the maintenance guys and asked "do you see anything funny with this?" They didn't...but after I explained to them, I think they figured it out - Feb 06

Displeased with something? Putting a toilet in front of the entrance is a great way to voice your opinion!  Gift-wrapping is optional :) This was a gift from Vetevendosje at Mission HQ. - Fall 06

A transition...the bigger picture and narrowed down to a sign that always incites a giggle. The Pristina and Bill Clinton Kebaptore!

What Pristina photo collection would be complete without a photo of the infamous Bill Clinton Boulevard sign?  - March 2007

Unfortunately, the King Casino billboard was blocking the graffiti from Vetevendosje at around the fourth floor level.  There was some scaffolding up about six months ago and someone must have climbed up during the night to paint the logo on the side of the building. - April 07

Thanks to G.S. for this picture! Evidently, a vehicle was going too fast, lost control, and ended up plowing into his offices in Dec 2006.

It's not Burger King but King Burger! Located near OSCE, this little hamburger joint has been open as long as I can remember. I've never actually eaten there but I do enjoy the King Burger sign...looks to be a copy of one from the actual franchise but with the words reversed!

Watering the sidewalk. Yeah, that's a fire hose...and that's the Detention Center entrance...further down is the Supreme Court Building!  Don't you just love that bright peach color?! Technically washing the sidewalks is supposed to be illegal with a 50 Euro fine...but evidently as we can see, it's not being enforced!

UN-Parking in Pristina :) Naturally, this is right in front of Police Main HQ as well as the Supreme Court Building.

Just like some neighborhoods in the big cities, you don't want to park your car overnight. *hehe*  Just kidding.  This is part of a "vulkanizer" (mechanic) part supply.  Need parts for your car?  Just go over and rip off a door or tire...and viola, problem fixed!  It's odd to see the wrecked and scrapped vehicles "parked" on the side of the road like normal vehicles but you get used to it :)  - March 07

Parking in Pristina - That's my car parallel-parked in the middle of the two parked partly on the sidewalk area. You might also notice past the other white vehicle that there are two rows of vehicles. Double-parking is not uncommon in Kosovo...sometimes they even triple park!
Kosovo Harley...aka Roto-tiller attached to a trailer.  If you cannot find a vehicle in Kosovo, or if you have failed to steal one, the Kosovo Harley is the alternative to a "real" tractor and/or horse with cart.  You can find many of these overloaded with hay, cabbages, cows or even used as a taxi!  This one was being used in KFOR and even had a parking permit (green sticker on the left side of the trailer)!

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